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Binarres in Ibiza


Ibiza is a beautiful island with a lovely 131 mile-long coastline and more than fifty beaches. The Mediterranean climate brings an average 10 -11 hours of glorious hot sunshine from May to September.

Ibiza Clubs

Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world - home to the most famous clubs:
Amnesia, Eden, El Divino, Es Paradis, Pacha, Privilege (inc.Manumission), Space. The dance season starts in mid-June and continues to early October. You'll not miss the giant billboards on the way from the airport, or the flyers and posters advertising the DJ line-ups and club nights.

Pacha is the one club on Ibiza that opens all year round, and it's the favourite club of the Ibizans.

Cafe Mambo - Ibiza sunset - Cafe del Mar

If you've watched tv programmes such as 'Ibiza Uncovered' you'll expect all night partying everywhere, but that is only in a small part of this idyllic island. There is plenty of hedonism in Ibiza, but you can find peace and tranquillity too.

Sant Antoni is the town for clubbers, and Sunset Strip is the place to watch the
famous Ibiza sunset.

Cafe del Mar set the fashion for stylish sundowner bars,playing ambient sounds
to accompany the setting sun viewed from their terraces.

Cafe Mambo, situated next door, is now as popular with pre-club parties with big
name DJs.

More places to watch a chilled out sunset


If Ibiza is too much for you these days or if you're just looking for a change of scenery, the Greek Island of Santorini has an equally chilled-out feeling.

Just like at cafe Del Mar, hundreds of people gather to sip drinks and watch the sun go down into the sea.

The town of Oia in the north of Santorini is the most popular spot to watch the sunset or you can get a spectacular view from one of the many bars and wineries that sit on the clifftops further down the coast.

Elephants in Goa

Elephants in Goa


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